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Re: [PATCH;debian-installer/doc/README] Correct URL to upx

#include <hallo.h>
Karl M. Hegbloom wrote on Thu Nov 22, 2001 um 10:44:40PM:

> --- doc/README	2001/01/04 04:29:00	1.7
> +++ doc/README	2001/11/23 06:43:33
> @@ -12,4 +12,4 @@
>    Majong game at the end also.
>    Upx can compress bzimages. They're still bootable, and up to 100k might
> -  be saved this way. http://wildsau.idv.uni-linz.ac.at/mfx/upx.html
> +  be saved this way.  <URL:http://upx.sourceforge.net/>

Remember, the precompiled UPX stuff is non-free, since the closed source
NRV lib is used for compression, and the free version 1.2 cannot be
compiled. Currently, I am trying to make the CVS version compile, but
there are problems.

Du hast recht, und er hat auch recht. Dein Argument ist, als ob Du
sagst, Krankenhäuser werden abgeschafft, die Apotheken sind doch voller
Medikamente und jeder kann sich für ein paar Mark bedienen;-).
                     (Hannes Birnbacher in de.comm.software.newsreader)

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