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tasksel bug-scrub for woody; translations; plans for 1.13

tasksel 1.12 was uploaded to the archive recently. It adds in almost all
of the translations that I've received to date (I missed the .fr one by
mistake; that will be added in the next release.)

There are currently no >severity normal bugs on tasksel. Here are some
notes on some of the remaining bugs:

Normal severity:
- isdn task: doesn't exist anymore?
- "devel in C++ is duplicated (development and misc)" -- i have no idea
   what this is supposed to mean
- non-interactive mode has always been available, so the third point is
  not really valid

I am tempted to close this bug unless there are any objections.

this is the tasksel needing 'dselect update' mess.... the currently
suggested option is to have tasksel always do (in effect)
system("dselect update") on startup. Is that a reasonable workaround
until apt knows more about tasks and we can do this more sanely?
will go in 1.13 unless i hear otherwise.

tagged wontfix, though it doesn't show up for some reason... that
problem is because of how apt works. nothing we can do

shouldn't a generic X installation pull in a window manage (ok, so it's
twm, but still...) Not sure we should really put a window manager into
the gnome task. but i'm open to suggestions.

Wishlist severity:
fixed in local tree, will be in 1.13

won't be done for woody. hopefully by woody+1 we'll have a better

java doesn't work on many of the debian architectures yet, so i'd rather
not do this for now.

any other existing bugs not addressed in this email will not be fixed
for woody.

the only other pending issue i know of for tasksel is the suggestion for a
ocaml task. the requestor has yet to file a bug on this though.

If people are interested in updating the tasksel translations now would
be a good time as well. Either check them into cvs directly or mail the
.po's to me. There should not be any more text changes.

The procedure to use for this is to go into the po directory, do 'make
C.po', copy C.po to your <locale>.po and update the msgstr entries.

The next tasksel upload will happen around Nov 25 (PST) to meet aj's
base/task freeze.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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