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Re: Compaq SCSI card

On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 04:38:27PM +0100, Marcel Verdonk wrote:

> I've tried to use the boot-argument for an NCR-based SCSI controller :
> "sym53c8xx=safe:y"
> However without any result. I get an error "Could not find kernel image:
> sym53c8x.x=s"

You need to specify the image name before the kernel arguments.

It'll probably be 'linux', so you'd have to type

'linux sym53c8xx=safe:y'

But I don't think it'll be much help.

Perhaps you could start a shell from inside the installer (switch to the
second console using leftalt-f2), and do a 'cat /proc/pci'; this usually
helps to identify unknown PCI cards.


Ps. I haven't tried an install for some time, so I don't know whether
the image name and the second console are still valid.

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