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Re: Activate Catalan support (was: translation statistics)

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 05:10:04PM +0100, Claus Hindsgaul wrote:
> > How can there be 774 up-to-date strings out of 769?  Are strings which are
> > no longer used considered up-to-date?
> Very, very good question!
> It turns out, that ca.po is not mentioned in the Makefile, and thus not
> syncronized by "make update-po" (or used at all for anything!).

This is on purpose. I didn't want to activate this until the rest of the
stuff is in (sysvinit messages, etc).

> After correcting this (please do so in CVS - also in /documentation/config),
> doing a new "make update-po" , the correct number turns out to be 718, not
> 774 --- still much better than the average :-)

718? Ouch...

Gah, I see if I can commit this during the week.

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