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boot-floppies_3.0.17_i386.changes INSTALLED

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Changes: boot-floppies (3.0.17) unstable; urgency=low
  * i386 not moved to 2.2.20 yet, reiserfs and pcmcia not available
  * Stefan Gybas
    - s390: don't install tcpd/libwrap on root disk
    - s390: enable library reduction and reduce root disk size
    - s390: don't ask for kernel 2.0 compatibility in mke2fs
    - s390: wrote replacement for /bin/login and drop all unneeded
      stuff (mainly PAM) from the root disk. This saves over 400K!
  * Falk Hueffner
    - support /boot on own partition for aboot; closes: #116413
    - add note about killing 'c' partition to SRM fdisk note
    - we don't need the aboot loader 'boot/bootlx' on the root floppy,
      since we can install it from /target. Saves 80k.
    - fix drivers path for generic Alpha
    - use ldmilo.exe hacked by Ron Farrer
    - Reorder Alpha installation sections
    - Update Alpha model table
  * Gerhard Tonn
    - s390 changes: fix alias handling, some initial documentation, added
      terminfo directory, adapt the foreign module dialog, disable floppy
      devices, added netsetupcalc program, rollback inittab changes  since
      sysvinit now provides now the correct one, added Makefile,
      netsetupcalc.c to s390-specials, rework of netsetup.sh for s390,
      make network configuration optional and other fixes
  * David Kimdon
    - patches from from Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk>
      - install manual Danish translation
      - README-Users.da.m4
      - fix glitch in Danish localization
  * Chris Tillman
    - Added powerpc mouse button emulation instructions to appendix
    - Convert powerpc-specials to debiandoc - no ddoouubblliinngg
    - Added list of supported powerpc models, Closes: #57369
  * Ethan Benson
    - fix SEGV when attempting to install anything from a disk partition
    - fix progress bar for base installs
    - add s390-specials/Makefile with a phony clean target, the lack of
      this breaks the clean target entirely for all architectures
    - Add powerpc-specials/yaboot.conf.  This is a functional config for
      temporarily bootstrapping the boot-floppies from an existing MacOS
      partition.  This file is copied to $release/powermac next to the
      yaboot binary.
  * Phil Blundell
    - teach dbootstrap about "drv14riscpc" and "drv14netwinder" disk series
    - python-dev seems not to cut the mustard; build-depend on python1.5-dev
    - also build-depend on zip for arm
    - don't prompt for boot floppy creation on arm
    - include etherh.o and 8390.o on riscpc root disk; make sure 8390.o gets
      loaded first
    - use acorn-fdisk in place of cfdisk on riscpc
    - use mklibs.py on arm
    - avoid scanning modules.tgz quite so many times during rootdisk build
    - turn on support for read-only filesystem operation on arm
    - correct acorn keymap generation in the presence of "include" statements
    - contemporary 2.2.19 kernels are "vmlinuz"; try to keep up in kernel.sh
    - tweak QWERTY keymap naming in language chooser a bit
    - make language chooser keep trying until user picks something, rather
      than just rebooting the machine if it didn't work out the first time.
    - enable Acorn partition support in libfdisk for arm
    - arm documentation updates
    - ship all-in-one Easy Install Archive for riscpc
    - disable "variants" in language chooser; drop back to traditional method
      of keyboard configuration
  * Richard Hirst
    - don't prompt to make a boot-floppy for ia64 or hppa
  * Karsten Merker (patch approved by Guido Guenther)
    - add support for DECstations 5000/120, /125 and /133 (KN02)
    - re-add MSDOS partition table support to libfdisk for mipsel
      (required for DECstations)
  * Colin Walters
    - fix a problem with the waitpid() used in dbootstrap when waiting for
      debootstrap to end
  * Adam Di Carlo
    - fix a minor build issue with LANG_CHOOSER build
    - fix some doc build problems with French and Danish
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