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Re: #103302 ask permission before erasing /var/cache/apt/archives

On Sat, 17 Nov 2001, Ethan Benson wrote:

> Joey, you SHOULD quit this project.  You are of no use to it any
> longer, you are publically displaying an absolute intent to force YOUR
> system administration policies down upon ALL of debian's users.

As someone who is not part of this project, you have no foundation to stand
on.  I have seen nothing from Joey that can be taken like this.  Seems like
someone has an agenda that they are trying to push.  Either that, or this is
just pure FUD.

> This VIOLATES Debian's social contract which says Debian's priorities
> are its USERS and Free software.

Again, Joey never said he wouldn't fix the bug.  It just wasn't high priority.
The social contract never states we will fix all bugs the instance BEFORE they
are filed, because we CARE about our users that much.

> The apt cache of packages is VERY useful to many people without your
> obviously unlimited and superior network connection, the existence of
> the apt-move package is an example of this usefulness, yet you INSIST
> and DEMAND that all these files be SILENTLY DESTROYED without ever
> asking the admin if that is what they want.

Joey is on a modem.  Again, he never insisted.  More FUD.

> you have demonstrated a complete and total UNWILLINGNESS to fix this
> flaw. all you do instead is spew endless personal attacks against me,
> sending the worst of which in private mail so as not to completly
> expose what you really are.

No, he has demonstrated a complete and total UNWILLINGNESS to have ANYTHING to
do with you.

> Do everyone a favor and leave this project.

Do everyone a favor and never join.

> As for boot-floppies I think its imperitive that we fork base-config
> and debootstrap as they are far to important to be maintained by
> hostile individuals who DO NOT have Debian users interests in mind.

You are not a maintainer.  Do not start preaching to those who are, like you
are their saviour and god.

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