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Re: last gasp to achieve b-f i18n (was Re: LC build failing)

On Sat, Nov 17, 2001 at 07:30:20PM -0200, Andre Luis Lopes wrote:

> > >I don't see any alternative to stripping down the language list.
> > >I suggest 'de pl fr es ja'.
> > Right, yeah.  I suggest adding pt to that list, if it will fit; I think
> > there are lots of users in Brazil.  It's also somewhat tempting to put
> > Chinese back, even if that means dropping one of the European languages.
>    I second that since I'm a brazilian user and there's a lot of users here 
> in my country which will be very happy if they could install woody in our 
> mother language.

I think dropping Polish in favour of Chinese would be a good idea. (I didn't
follow the thread, so I don't know why Polish was included in the first
place; if you include Polish, you might as well include any number of
central european slavic languages...)


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