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Syslinux charset/font


I have tried to fiddle with the charset  of the rescue disk text files (on 
i386) in order to display the special Danish letters æøå correct.
Have we got any experts on this topic on the list?

The default IBM PC 437 charset lack the danish letter "ø", so a new font 
need to be loaded by syslinux. This seemed to be done by editing til "conf" 
file, adding da to the languages, which need the latin1 font to be loaded 
(this was added to CVS a long time ago):

# languages that use Latin-1 charset with accentuation, tilde, etc
LATIN1          := da de es fr gl pt

It turned out, that the font was *not* loaded. the "make/i18n"-file failed to 
set the SFONT environment variable for latin1. So I added:

ifeq ($(FONT), lat1u-16.psf)
        export SFONT=lat1u-16.psf

That did the trick, but... the exotic danish letters (æøåÆØÅ) still did not 
show up correctly.

I tried to "recode" the boot message files (e.g. debian.txt) to a lot of 
different charsets, and ended up giving up, and concluded that the best thing 
to do for the latin1 charset was *not* to recode the files. Just copying the 
linux text files to the floppy still render the upper case danish letters 
(ÆØÅ) wrong, but at least the lower case (and everything else) seemed OK.
For better appearance from DOS, one could simply fix the carrige returns:

recode latin1..latin1/CR-LF debian.txt

It seems that the makefiles convert the text files to the IBMPC charset (for 
i386), no matter what the SFONT variable contained. I think this may be 
wrong. How does it work for other languages?

Claus Hindsgaul

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