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Re: remote installation

pjordan@whitehorse.blackwire.com wrote:

This is somewhat out of date, being used with potato installation disks,
but here is the way I used to do it:


That is a pod document.


I guess my question is this:
if I can get Linux running from a CD-ROM and access the PC from the network. How then would I initiate the installation process for debian?

I'm not sure how to get the installation started from the point where I can ssh into the running Linux OS. Do I ftp the base.tgz and unpack it from there. ... I'm just kind of clueless on this part.

I checked it out and if I understand what you did there correctly - then I'm not entire sure I can do this. But it's pretty helpful!

My accessability to the machine physically is extremely limited. Think in terms of someone who has minimal experience with Linux, or minimal time to do anything with it. Otherwise I would march them through a basic install via CD's From what I understand I have to be able to boot the disks, do the loop mounts, and actually perform a base install locally before I can access the machines remotely.

What I'm trying to do is access the PC remotely and set it up from there. According to the normal installation, I would have to configure the network card as part of the install (which would be impossible).

So, I'm leaning towards setting up a CD with exactly what a teeny Debian install might have (right before you would run your dpkg-reconfigure base-config, I think) and copy that into place on the hard drive. I will know well in advance the necessary drivers, IP information, et al to get this working. I just do not have any access to a keyboard.

Originally I was looking for something like the SuSe script to save a complete installation 'map' of all the packages and entries to the dbootstrap questions on a floppy and have the person at the other end just run that as the installation. That way they wouldn't have to do anything requiring significant thought or time.
But I can't find any such thing for Debian.
So, I'm here.

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