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Re: Capturing install screenshots

Apparently, on Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 06:03:12PM -0500, Robb Kidd wrote:
> Carpenter, Dean wrote:
> >I need to produce a screen-by-screen document detailing the woody/testing
> >install process for internal use here.  So I need to be able to capture 
> >each
> >and every screen put up during the install to show what it looks like and
> >what choices should be picked.
> >
> >Any ideas on how best to do this ?
> 	[ponder] Download the VMware 3.0 beta and install Debian in a virtual 
> machine?  In addition to the many X screen grabbers available, VMware 
> provides its own screen-capture function.
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Doing a serial install and capturing the contents of the terminal should
work fine. You may have to experiment with your terminal font to make sure
the shapes and such display well but it definitely can look fine.
Tim Moss

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