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Re: test of woody tftpboot.img stalls

(I cc this to debian-boot in case somebody has an idea about the init

"Mikael Westerberg" <0223.14228@telia.com> writes:

> Still problems with latest tftboot.img(3.0.16-2001-10-30).  During
> two attempts to install the installation has stalled while
> extracting libc6.  I can still switch consoles and the maschine
> still responds to pings, but I can not activate the shell on the
> second console.

Hm, there seems to be some problem in the libc postinst; we've had
another similar report before from an AlphaStation 500/500 user. I've
never seen this, though. Could you perhaps paste the last few lines of
output of the postinst script? It should appear on console 4.

The postinst contains this:

# Black magic. If we are in a chroot, then /proc/1/exe will not resolve to      
# a file (will return EPERM). This keeps us from breaking things in             
# debootstrap, and the like.                                                    
case "$sysvinitver" in                                                          
                if [ -x /sbin/init -a -x /bin/readlink ]; then                  
                        if [ "$(readlink /proc/1/exe 2>/dev/null)" = "/sbin/init" ]; then
                                (init u ; sleep 1)                              

Perhaps this magic fails, and it thinks it needs to restart init? This
would explain what you see.


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