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Re: Bug#81029: Documentation (install.en.txt)


On Mon, Jan 01, 2001 at 06:55:19PM -0800, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> The mouse can be used by both in Linux console (gpm) and X window.
> Preferred configuration / signal flow shall be as follows.
> mouse => /dev/psaux  => gpm => /dev/gpmdata -> /dev/mouse => X 

This made sense when the psaux driver didn't support multiple opens.
Linking /dev/mouse to /dev/psaux gives a much better feel and cuts out
most lag and jerkiness even on a loaded system.

> This approach to use gpm even in X has advantages when mouse is 
> unplugged inadvently.  Simply restarting gpm with

Nice, but not quite worth it, IMO.  And unnecessary for USB mice.

Just my opinions.



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