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3.0.16 from people.debian.org broke on powerpc

After selecting Install Kernel and Modules, and selecting the partition on
harddisk option, the welcome boot screen came up. The message in
/var/log/messages said

(none) user.info linuxrc: Process '/sbin/dbootstrap' (pid 55) exited.
Scheduling it for restart.

I noted the partition I had asked to be mounted was indeed mounted in tty2. 

Upon re-selecting install Kernel and Modules, I could proceed by selecting
the mounted partition option. 

I went back to verify that the error was repeatable, no matter the type or
location of the partition which was to be mounted.

Then, after choosing Install the Base System, i watched all the packages
download. Then the system seemed to hang although there was some rhythmic
disk activity for awhile. tty2 was unresponsive (although still echoing what
I typed). The progress bar was still up on tty1, and the last message on tty4

Setting up sysvinit (2.83-1)
Creating /dev/initctl

After turning the machine off and rebooting into the install system, there
was quite a few fs errors, I guess to be expected.

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