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Re: dhcp problems

I verified this afternoon that dhclient does indeed behave in this
mischevious manner.  Perhaps the patch I sent to 109455 can solve this


Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 01:23:57AM +1000 wrote:
> There may be bug other than 109455 lurking, the other day when
> installing 3.0.15 my friend tried to obtain an IP using dhcp without
> stoping to think that we dont have a dhcp server on our lan.
> I corrrected him, he wanted to go back and put a static IP in, i cant
> remember the exact details, but dhclient didnt die and it was cycling in
> the background continuing to try and get an IP.
> I meant to go back and verify the bug, but havent gotten around to it,
> ill look into it tommorow.
> Glenn
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