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[fw: booting with lowmem on a 386]


I'm not sure what is causing that error.  

Here is the section of the 2.1 install manual that describes low
memory systems:


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From: christian <i.mail@free.fr>
Subject: booting with lowmem on a 386
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You send me few weeks ago 
an answer about my problem 
about debian 2.2 on a 386 
with 7808KB. 

You have sugested me to 
load debian 2.1 before with 
the lowmem.bin. 
I have done that but : 

1) after lowmem boot , 
disk partitioning and swap on , 

when the rescue floppy is 
asked I find the message : 
"unable to load charset cp_437" 
( or 427 maybe ) 
I have downloaded lowmem.bin , 
resc1440.bin and root.bin from 

2) I am not easy with english and 
I am not sure about the procedure 
to use the lowmem.bin way to load 
deb 2.1. Could you send me back 
a short information. 
Which partition for the rescue ? 
Msdos I read ???? I used msdos 
partition but ... I have obtained 
the message. 
And for other floppies ? 
root and lowmem... 
3 floppies ??? 

If I am wrong with the boot files 
please join me the file with your 

Thank you. 


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