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debootstrap: mirror_style={main|release} ?

In debootstrap,

at the top of the woody and sid scripts I see the parameter

Reading /usr/lib/debootstrap/functions I see the options are main
or release.

Tracing down further I see that release gets the Release files, and
apparently main does not - when called as download_main
or download_release respectively.  May I ask
what the philosophy underlying having these alternatives are ?

In particular I am trying to do installs from my own partial mirror
created with apt-move and I am runing into the problem
of having to supply Release files.

I would prefer not to use debmirror which would provide release
files as I want to install ssh and libssl0.9.6 on my base installs
so I can take over intallation remotely on the reboot.
(I have 70 nodes to administer)

I suppose I could create two mirrors, one of main and one of non-US
and call debootstrap twice, once with woody as SUITE and one with
ssh as SUITE after writing a scripts/ssh.

Would I be better off to incorporate ssh into a scripts/woody-custom
and maybe get away wth just changing the mirror_style to "main" from
release ?

Would this conceivably work ?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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