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[cbellers@earthlink.net: Testing/woody boot/root disk problem: MACE is broken.]

this is the second time ive heard about this, first was from Benjamin
Herrenschmidt on irc, but he was replacing the kernel with one of his
2.4 builds so i thought perhaps that was causing it.  (2.2.19 does not
boot on large number of newer PowerMacs).

perhaps busybox ifconfig/route utilties are broken on arch !i386,
thats the only change i can think of which would cause this, the
kernel is exactly the same as the previous build of b-f.

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This is my first post to debian-ppc, so please bear with me.

When I boot the woody boot/root disks, everything looks like it inits
okay, but when I get into the installer, it rapidly becomes apparent
that something is badly broken. Here are the symptoms:

#1: MACE Ethernet card cannot be configured with dhcp

#2: upon manual configuration, there is no connectivity at all.

#3: ifconfig says the card exists (and now has a manually assigned IP.
It is receiving packets, but not transmitting them)

#4: Pinging *anything* results in a segmentation fault (of the busybox
ping module, I assume)

I should note that woody installed fine several weeks ago, there must
have been some change made. And Potato still installs without

Here's the hardware shakedown for this system:

Pmac 7600
604e/180MP cpu card
256K L2
ATI Mach32 video
2GB Fireball SCSI drive

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be very grateful.

Chris Bellers

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Ethan Benson

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