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b-f 3.0.14 Installation Report

Hi *,

[Please, CC me, I'm not in the list]

    The first I have to say is: Thank you for the b-f, now I have debian
    woody installed in my laptop. And now the report.

System: I have a Clevo 3420 Laptop 

        I've installed twice debian. Once with b-f floppies and the other
making a CD-ROM with them. Both installation over the network (the base
system and the rest).

The installation was smooth except the pcmcia after the reboot. I had to

/etc/init.d/pcmcia start

to get again the card working.

After the packages gets downloaded you have to answer some questions,
next the packages are unpackaged and you have to answer more
questions. I don't konw if it a problem with the b-f but I would like
that the systems download the packages, unpackage them and then answer
the questions. The thing is that I would be better (for me) that the
steps that require more time would be execute one after the other. If
this has something to do with pre-dependencies, what I think can be done
is do this in this way:

1) download all the pre-dependencies packages.
2) configure them
3) download and unpack them
4) configure them

Now some aesthetic details. When "Install kernel and drivers" the b-f
says to insert the rescue floppy, but the b-f access the floppy drive
and I had to wait till the light turn off (yes I know but I've said they
where aethetic details). The other is when "Configuring PCMCIA
devices". It ask for the type of controler. I had the right answer (for
me) but I had to hit TAB to get to the OK botton. With the other screens
if they have the right answer you can just pres OK.

And that's all. I think I've said all I had in the paper that I've lost.

Thank you.


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