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busybox 0.60.1-5 doesn't include 'wc', needed by debootstrap

debootstrap functions:check_md5() uses 'wc', but it has been
removed from busybox.  That caused install to fail with 'Packages.gz
was corrupt'.

Also, dhcpclient uses expr, which is also removed - but that doesn't
appear to cause any real problems.  e.g. from /etc/dhclient-script

relminor=`expr $release : '[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.\([0-9]*\).*'`
relmajor=`expr $release : '[0-9]*\.\([0-9]*\)\..*'`
release=`expr $release : '\([0-9]*\)\..*'`

Having added 'wc' back in to busybox, I successfully installed on
ia64 using cvs b-f.  Tried once using dhcp, and once with manual
network config.


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