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Re: message to remove boot cd

On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 06:55:20PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> I'm changing the warning prior to reboot to this:
>   If you are ready to reboot the system, you'll need to make sure you
>   are booting from the right media.
>   If you are booting from the local disk, make sure there are no
>   floppies in the floppy drives and no CD-ROM in the tray.  If you made
>   a custom boot floppy and want to boot from that, you should put that
>   floppy in the first floppy drive.  Finally, you can restart the
>   installation system by booting from your install media.
>   Please take care of all that before you answer "Yes" to the
>   following question.
>   Reboot the system?
> Hope this helps.

its rather i386 centric. PowerPC for example (sparc as well) does not
have such a braindead boot order like x86, you can have a CD in the
drive all you want (floppy too if you have a floppy drive) and it
won't just blindly be booted[1], instead the boot-device is determined by
the value of the `boot-device' variable in OpenFirmware, on powerpc
and probably sparc this will be set to the hard disk debian was just
installed on and not the CDROM or floppy drive.

[1] OldWorld Powermacs are an exception to the floppy system, if you
booting via OF then everything i say above is true, however if your
letting the embedded ROM copy of MacOS do the booting then it will try
and boot the floppy first no matter what, it does not however do the
same on CDs (we don't have bootable CDs on oldworld powermacs anyway).

Ethan Benson

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