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Re: bootloader for woody

On Thu Oct 04, 2001 at 11:40:16PM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:
> Hello,
> Which bootloader is going to ship in the Woody bootfloppies, is it clear
> yet?
> I'd like to suggest using the GRUB bootloader. As I see it, there's an
> important
> advantage in using GRUB:
> - GRUB will be able to boot the future Debian releases of GNU/Hurd,
> GNU/FreeBSD,
> GNU/Win without going through the mess fo having different bootloaders in
> every
> boot sector. Setting GRUB as the default bootloader in Woody will prevent
> problems
> when Debian users want to try some other release.
> And as it's been announced, GRUB now supports the iso9660 filesystem and
> meets
> the requirements to boot the installation system from CDROM.

I'd love it if we use grub.  But keep in mind that grub is only focused
on x86 systems.  It doesn't do much good on powerpc or arm or ....


Erik B. Andersen   email:  andersee@debian.org, formerly of Lineo
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