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Re: boot-floppies, busybox size reduction status

On Tue Oct 02, 2001 at 06:58:47PM -0700, David Kimdon wrote:
> I just completed an install with a reduced busybox.  We are now using
> route and ifconfig from busybox (no bb ash, see below).  Comparing new
> and old, mounted via loop.
> /home/dwhedon/new         3415      2501       914  74% /new
> /home/dwhedon/old         3414      2634       780  78% /old
> That's uncompressed savings, BTW.

So Adam, is it agreeable that I upload a version of busybox to the
main archive with these changes?   David has now validated that
this is viable and saves space.

> I couldn't get bb ash to work properly, segfault (Bug #114260).

I'll dig into this and find the problem -- but I will leave ash out
for the time being.


Erik B. Andersen   email:  andersee@debian.org, formerly of Lineo
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