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Bug#114057: modconf doesn't use locale aliases ?

severity 114057 minor

#include <hallo.h>
Nicolas SABOURET wrote on Mon Oct 01, 2001 um 02:11:49PM:

> > modconf does not use locales but own localised string replacement
> > routine.
> > 
> I understand. However, It'd be great if you could either include french
> as a possible replacement for fr_FR either (better IMHO) user
> /etc/locale.alias.

Realise that modconf does not work together with locales support (for
the simple reason that locales is not available on boot floppies). As
far as I know there are no clear rules for setting aliases to the xx_YY
locale strings, so do not expect your alias to be accepted everywhere.
This issue is controversial, see the thread about the alias for
english (american/englich/C/POSIX/computer-/debian-english) on d-devel.

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