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cvs commit to base-config/debian by joeyh

Repository: base-config/debian
who:        joeyh
time:       Sat Sep 29 14:30:29 PDT 2001

Log Message:

   * Patch from Gerhard Tonn <GerhardTonn@swol.de> to deal with s/390
     installs of debian, which involve telnetting into the system to do the
     install, since its console is so primative that, while debconf will
     hopefully work on it soon, a lot of other stuff has no chance of
     working, ever. This only affects base-config in that at the very end it
     needs to disable the telnet hacks for the s/390. Let's put it in a
     separate 98s390 script. I'm going to ship the script for all arch's,
     though later I might want to make this an arch all package and only
     include it for s390. Dunno. Closes: #113856


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