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Help with floppy-less laptop


I'm trying to install Debian 2.2R3 on a Dell Latitude L400, which can
only have one removable storage device attached at any one time. That
is, it cannot have a CD-ROM and floppy attached simultaneously. I
downloaded the three CD ISOs, and the system boots fine with them (I've
tried one and two). However, when I get to the section titled "Install
Operating System Kernel and Modules", I select "cdrom" as the install
medium, insert the first CD as requested, and get the following error:

Mount Failed.
Unable to mount the Rescue Floppy. You may have inserted the wrong
floppy. Please try again. <Continue>

And that's it. Wont' install. I don't have a floppy, let alone a rescue
floppy. My understanding is that Debian will install "floppy-less"
(Based on your documentation) but I don't see anything about this or a
workaround. How do you really make this work? It's driving me crazy.

Note that I've read and re-read your installation help, and have
searched the newsgroups and Google for help.



Paul Thurrott
News Editor
Windows 2000 Magazine

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