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Re: why creating rootdisk (1440) multiple times

#include <hallo.h>
Adam Di Carlo wrote on Sun Sep 23, 2001 um 09:45:09PM:

> > I think, on i386 we could just build one 1.44MB sized root disk and make
> > links or symlinks to it.
> > If nobody objects in few days, I will make the changes.
> Um, I do object, since there are kernel modules on the root
> filesystem, and they must vary per flavor.

I see, one or two modules are copied on the root disk, namely unix.o and
af_paket.o. Are there any special reasons having them as modules? IMHO
they are small and can be included in the kernel. The next time when I
edit rootdis.sh, I will look which root disks have identical content
(without modules) and can definitely be replaced by links.

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