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Re: debian 2.2 on 386 7808KB?

	Well first of all, is that 386 an SX or DX? I have a 386 LC IBM PS/1 which Linux will NOT boot on.  I know Slink will boot on low memory, because i have done so on a 486/SX 33 with 4 megs RAM and it ran even better with 8 megs.  I might guess a Potato would boot on it too, but an unlikely chance.


On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 08:29:41PM +0200, christian wrote:
> Hello, 
> I have seen lowmem.bin by debian. 
> Can I use it for deb 2.2 on a low memory 
> AMD 386 40MHZ 7808KB ?? 
> I have try with ROOT.BIN and RESCUE.BIN 
> from the 2.2 French
> and LOWMEM.BIN 2.1 french by ftp 
> but it failed when the rescue were asqued 
> after partitions were made. 
> Can I continue searching that way or 
> there is no way to put Linux on that 
> PC. 
> I am new with Debian. I try it because that 
> lowmem.bin. 
> Thanks any answer. 
> christian
> i.mail@free.fr
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