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Re: next potato release ?

> Hi,
> I'd like to know if efforts should still be spent updating French
> of potato. Our French team is quite reduced, and it'd be nice to know whether
> there'll be another release of potato or not.
> I don't care about the dates, just want to know if it'll happen. If that's not
> the case, they we can safely concentrate on Woody.
> Thanks.

The potato Install manual hasn't been revised for 3 months (there is a
separate branch).

The woody Install manual's major changes are complete as of 3.0.14, except
for anything about basedebs.tgz. And from what I've read on the list, it
sounds like that may remain undocumented - I don't think it's really been
firmed up yet, or is judged to be unsupported for ordinary users.

If I'm wrong, let me know & I'll look into documenting it. the last I knew,
there wasn't even an official debian home for the animal.

I think work on the woody translations should begin ASAP...

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