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boot-floppies_3.0.14_i386.changes INSTALLED

bf-images-1.20_3.0.14_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-archive-install_3.0.14_i386.sh byhand
bf-common_3.0.14_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-misc_3.0.14_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-doc_3.0.14_i386.tar.gz byhand
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/install-doc_3.0.14_i386.deb
bf-images-1.44_3.0.14_i386.tar.gz byhand
Changes: boot-floppies (3.0.14) unstable; urgency=low
  * Stefan Gybas
    - use kernel 2.4.7 on s390
    - tweaked contents of s390 initrd
    - ignore devfs partitons in libfdisk
  * Gerhard Tonn
    - add support for IBM partition table on s390
    - add support for rescue disk
    - .tar-place-holder file added
    - use kernel/modules 2.4.7 on s390
    - special inittab.install for s390 added
  * David Kimdon
    - add clearer instructions for driver-# floppies from
      Bernie Boudet <bboudet@foobar.clara.co.uk>
      closes: #106201
    - 2 Danish translation updates thanks to
      Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk>
    - update url of PC Hardware FAQ; closes: #110255
    - make tftpboot images for i386; closes: #108103
    - fix missing fdisk.txt; closes: #107598
    - document 'Report a Problem' menu choice
    - Policy: do debug mode if DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS says so
  * Phil Blundell
    - use glibc 2.2.4 for arm
    - bump RiscPC root disks to 4200 blocks, and netwinder to 4000,
      so modules and i18n support will fit
    - include adfs.o and floppy.o on arm root disks; actually try to
      load the SCSI modules added back in 3.0.8
    - detect revision J/K SA-110 chips; if found, advise the user
      that trouble may lie ahead
    - try to stop `images-2.88' popping up in the arm files list
    - arm 2.4.5 kernel doesn't seem too stable; drop back to 2.2.19
      for netwinder and riscpc (shark is only supported in 2.4)
    - try to make arm builds work with USE_LANGUAGE_CHOOSER
  * Eduard Bloch:
    - reformated German boot message to fit on 80x25
    - German translation updates
    - started building udma100-ext3 flavor on i386, ext3 autodetection
    - user query about ReiserFS v2, fs selection fixes
    - updated copyright year in the f10.txt files; closes: #110710
    - integrated testing parted option on i386_udma-100 flavor.
  * Christian T. Steigies
    - m68k: add arch specific posttask to make amiboot and dmesg executable
  * Ethan Benson
    - Make build fail if rootimage is larger then the floppy image.
    - Redesign filesystem creation/mounting to cleanly, and dynamically
      support multiple filesystems, redo the ext3/reiserfs code.
      Now dbootstrap will offer a menubox list of supported filesystems.
      A filesystem is offered as a choice when both a) the running kernel
      supports it, and b) there is a mkfs for that filesystem.  If only Ext2
      is supported the behavior is exactly as its always been.
    - Add is_filesystem_supported() function to util.c.
    - Add XFS filesystem support.
    - Fix partition mounting so it works properly again.
    - Remove bogus and non-existent reiserfs partition type, reiserfs is
      not, and should not get its own partition type, it should use the
      "Linux Native" partition types that already exist on most/all
      architectures.  The redesigned mounting code does this.
    - Redo fstab generation to work properly with multiple filesystems.
    - Moved is_fstype() function out of baseconfig.c and into util.c.  Its
      useful elsewhere (now also used in bootconfig.c).
    - Quik setup aborts if root partition is not ext2.
    - Eliminate ioctl messages that were spewed all over the screen
      during kernel installation.  (perror() -> ERRMSG() don't use
      perror() in boot-floppies!)
    - Check for parted correctly.
    - Remove ddisk and cfdisk from pmac root floppy, we don't need them and
      there is not sufficient space.
  * Richard Hirst
    - redirect info output from downloadpkg() to stderr, so offline_mode=true
      works again
    - ia64 now uses kernel 2.4.9 and libc 2.2.4
    - hppa now uses kernel 2.4.9
    - ia64 now uses compressed kernels
    - hppa: move vmlinux symlink in to /boot for palo
    - ia64 and hppa: add a kernel-choice section to docs
    - ia64 now uses mckinley-smp kernel
    - ia64: add efi/boot/bootia64.efi to rescue.bin
    - hppa: add warning about 2GB limit for /boot to PALO screen.
  * Adam Di Carlo:
    - only include reiserprogs stuff on the reiserfs flavor; this may help
      with the 1.2MB images
    - fix minor SGML build issues
    - integrate and rework patch from Samy PERSEHAIE, now you can set
      KBD in config when you build, and that still will be suppressed
      during installation; obviously, that is turned off by default
    - also from Samy PERSEHAIE, French listed as a Latin-1 language
    - similarly, Rüdiger Kuhlmann pointed out German should be there too;
      I'm sure there are many more, I wish someone would just do a full
      pass over that...; closes: #112569
    - synchronize, for all architectures, the keymaps we ship and the
      keymaps used by dbootstrap; closes: #84388, #109925
  * Chris Tillman
    - numerous documentation fixes and updates
  * Marcin Owsiany
    - various language chooser fixes; this is reputed to work now,
      although the on-screen fonts are scrambled

Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

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