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install report 3.0.14-2001-09-23


I successfully installed using the standard flavour of 3.0.14 on a k6-2,
its looking good.

I partitioned with cfdisk, installed the kernel modules then did a network

A couple of minor points.

1. Just after the kernel boots screens of text flashed by, which i assume
case the following message to apear twice in another window.
runaway modprobe loop assumed and stopped

2. The extended partition created using cfdisk appears under view partition
table as type "System V", which is incorrect.

3. debootstrap failed three times, i restarted it and it continued
downloading from where it stopped, i usually dont drop connections, so im
not sure, but maybe its a problem with the down program debootsrap uses (is
it busybox wget ?)

4. After debootstrap finished the background screen wasnt refreshed and
seemed to contain bits of messages from an old screen.

As i said these are all minor, and didnt cause me any problems.


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