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Bug#99934: [fw: Re: is this bug fixed?]

Okay, looks like if we test putting the root filesystem on an extended
partition and then we try to make a boot-floppy we should be able to
tell if this bug is fixed or not, yes?


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I got my potato version working, however it sure was a headache.  My main problem was that I was trying to put my root Debian on an extended partition.  It kept failing at "Making the boot disk".  Once I changed my plan to putting the root partition on a primary partition, I didn't have that problem.  I know about the lilo and 1024 cylinder limit but I have never had problems with that before.  Anyways, I don't have an extra system to try it again on.  Sorry.  I have really appreciated Debian system after install, although I don't use it a lot right now.  And Debian's documentation, bug-tracking, and mailing-list methods have made me a big fan.
Thanks for checking up.  Anymore questions regarding this bug?

--- David Kimdon <dwhedon@dualmedia.fr>
> wrote:
>We're trying to figure out if a bug you reported is still a problem.  The
>discussion happenned in or around this message:
>And it now exists in the Debian Bug Tracking System here:
>It would be a great help to us if you could try to reproduce this bug with
>the current woody boot-floppies.  They are available at:

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