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RE: Installing onto HP Netserver 3000r

Thanks.. booting is OK with the potatoe/stable rescue boot-floppies.  I also
tested with woody/3.0.13 and the Netserver 3000r booted ok... right through
to the Install Main Menu - which it was not doing with the v2.2r2 CD.



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Charles Widdis <charles.widdis@atomicmedia.com> writes:

> I'm trying to install Debian 2.2r2 onto an HP Netserver 3000r, but I'm
> having great difficulty.
> megaraid: v1.11 (Aug 23, 2000)
> megaraid: found 0x8086:0x1960:idx 0:bus 3:slot 3:func 1
> scsi1 : Found a MegaRAID controller at 0xd8002008, IRQ: 5
> And then it stalls here.

Are you using the 'compact' flavor of installation disks (or CD?).

See the install manual.  I believe this will fix your problem.  But I
also seem to recall some special problems with the HP Netserver
... did you do any google searching?

We would appreciate it if you would also test the woody version,
boot-floppies 3.0.13 or better (3.0.14 is building right now) so we
can make sure it works for the next Debian release.


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