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Re: MontaVista library optimizer

> MontaVista have released their library reducing tool at
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/libraryopt/.  Has anybody checked yet
> whether this is suitable for us?  

I have actually ITP'd it (Bug #111106).  It looks good, from what I
have seen, though I haven't actually gotten it to work yet (my first
hurdle was learning python, which I have pretty much done, next hurdle
is modifying it so that it works in our native environment, as written
it is focused on complete cross development).  I have been in contact
from upstream and gotten some hints, they have been helpful.

> In the long time, it seems to be
> more reasonable to use an external tool instead of hacking our own
> scripts; and at first glance, it looks more advanced.

I agree, Monta Vista uses a lot of different architectures so we'll be
able to spread the bug finding (and fixing) around. :-)

> If nobody else is working on this, I'll try to integrate it into the
> boot floppies. If it works, I could perhaps even make a .deb of it,
> since that seems better to me than to include it into the
> boot-floppies CVS (even though it's only 2 files).

I'm actually having fun playing with it, but I don't want to hog all
the fun, let me me know.


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