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Re: ext2/ext3 partition_config.c bug?

#include <hallo.h>
Richard Hirst wrote on Fri Sep 21, 2001 um 07:20:43PM:
> Hi,
> Noticed this at about line 516 of b-f/utilities/dbootstrap/partition_config.c:
>       *e2fsmagic & 0x0004; /* EXT3_FEATURE_COMPAT_HAS_JOURNAL = 0x0004 */
> No idea what it is supposed to say, so I havn't fixed it.

That is a way to detect the journal. The EXT3_FEATURE_COMPAT_HAS_JOURNAL
flag is a bit in the ext2's superblock which can be extracted from a
32-bit word at position 1116. I tested the code on paer.d.o and on i386
machine, the detection seemed to work fine.

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