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Bug#99185: Problem installing Potato on an Amiga 1200

> Anyhow, even if you don't want to actually re-install or whatever, you
> can at least boot with the 3.0.x install system and get far enough
> (without initializing or anything) just to check to see if it can find
> your partitions.  Should be non-destructive.

I can't get it to work. My severely limited AmigaOS skills won't get me
to get the StartInstall script startable (I thought "protect
StartInstall rwe" would do the trick), but anyway, if I run the command
listed in the file (the amiboot-5.6 thing), I get error messages:

kan ej finna objektet  (that's: cannot find object)
CD failed: returncode 20

I downloaded the amigainstall.tar.gz file and untarred it on a
directory on my WB disk. Do I need to do more? My old install guide for
potato only lists that file and base2_2.tgz, but that one is obviously
not needed for woody.

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