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Re: Bug#111937: debian-cd: setting language in boot-i386

Le Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 01:25:26AM -0300, Carlos Barros écrivait:
> 	This is the boot-i386 that I change to set the *.txt and font.psf of
> the rescue.bin image right before the inclusion in the CD. 
> The file is debian-cd/tools/woody/boot-i386
> Hope you like it.

Unfortunately no, I don't like it.

Two reasons :
- since you're copying all the font files in the image, you might as well
  put them in at the boot floppies generation time
- doing that in debian-cd requires us to run debian-cd as root, and it's
  very, very convenient to be able to run it as non-root user (i know that
  sparc cd must be generated as root iirc, but that's not a reason to
  generalize that problem)

The « current policy » regarding the modifications of boot floppies (wrt
debian-cd) is that if you need to modify them, do it in a separate
directory and use the BOOTDISKS parameter to tell debian-cd to use an
alternate set of boot floppies.

And now, about the decision of which "default" font should be used, again
it's also from the resort of boot floppies, the "decision taking" code
should be in dbootstrap really. The decision may be "influenced" by
external parameters (boot command line or file created on the CD or

Either i'll reasign this bug to boot-floppies, or you close it.

> #!/bin/bash
> #
> # boot-i386 v 1.13 (c) Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
> #
> # Now check for the language selection for the boot images of the CD's
> # Carlos Barros.
> #
> if [ -d CD1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/lang/$MESSAGES ]
> then
>     echo "Setting messages to lang.: ${MESSAGES}"
>     mkdir boot$N/boot/mnt
>     mount boot$N/boot/rescue.bin boot$N/boot/mnt -o loop,rw -t vfat
>     cp -f CD1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/lang/$MESSAGES/* boot$N/boot/mnt/
>     case $MESSAGES in 
> 	("pt"|"es") 
> 	    cp -f CD1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/lang/fonts/lat1u-16.psf boot$N/boot/mnt/font.psf;;
> 	("cs"|"hr"|"hu"|"pl"|"sk") 
> 	    cp -f CD1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/lang/fonts/iso02g.psf boot$N/boot/mnt/font.psf;;
> 	("eo") 
> 	    cp -f CD1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/lang/fonts/iso03g.psf boot$N/boot/mnt/font.psf;;
> 	("ru") 
> 	    cp -f CD1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/lang/fonts/koi8-r.psf boot$N/boot/mnt/font.psf;;
>     esac 
>     umount boot$N/boot/mnt
>     rmdir boot$N/boot/mnt
> else
>     echo "Can't find messages in lang $MESSAGES "
> fi

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