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RE: 3.0.14 boot floppies, 3.0.13 too

While doing an install with the boot floppies, the first stages work.  I can
even download the base system via the Network method.  However, after
rebooting the network does not come back up to finish the installation.
This is the same with both the 3.0.13 and 3.0.14 boot floppies.

It appears that the pcmcia link from /etc/init.d has not been placed in the
rc2.d directory.  I think this really should be corrected before we try to
release this stuff!


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Subject: 3.0.14 boot floppies not ready

Testing an install with 3.0.14 boot floppies on my laptop fails.

The PCMCIA issues during the 'Configure PCMCIA Support' stage has been
fixed.  I was able to download the base system, however on reboot the
network was not enabled so the 'base-config' stage fails because the laptop
cannot connect to anything.


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