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cvs commit to boot-floppies/debian by eb

Repository: boot-floppies/debian
who:        eb
time:       Mon Sep 10 05:39:10 PDT 2001

Log Message:

    - Redesign filesystem creation/mounting to cleanly, and dynamically
      support multiple filesystems, redo the ext3/reiserfs code.
      Now dbootstrap will offer a menubox list of supported filesystems.
      A filesystem is offered as a choice when both a) the running kernel
      supports it, and b) there is a mkfs for that filesystem.  If only Ext2
      is supported the behavior is exactly as its always been.
    - Add is_filesystem_supported() function to util.c.
    - Add XFS filesystem support.
    - Fix partition mounting so it works properly again.
    - Remove bogus and non-existent reiserfs partition type, reiserfs is
      not, and should not get its own partition type, it should use the
      "Linux Native" partition types that already exist on most/all
      architectures.  The redesigned mounting code does this.
    - Redo fstab generation to work properly with multiple filesystems.
    - Moved is_fstype() function out of baseconfig.c and into util.c. Its
      useful elsewhere (now also used in bootconfig.c).
    - Quik setup aborts if root partition is not ext2.
    - Eliminate ioctl messages that were spewed all over the screen
      during kernel installation.  (perror() -> ERRMSG() don't use
      perror() in boot-floppies!)
    - Check for parted correctly.

All changes have been well tested.


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