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Status of i18n bf (LC)


Good news:
I was able to make a 2.88 image which uses LANGUAGE_CHOOSER
(thanks to Tomohiro Kubota for the tip on locale).

Bad news:
It doesn't work as expected, i.e. most non-ascii fonts are not
displayed correctly and the screen is mangled [0].

I don't know how to isolate the problem. This could be a
problem with the locale used (C@utf-8, posted in
<20010530212332.C4143@rano.org>), but I'm not sure.

The image is http://people.debian.org/~porridge/resc2880compact.bin

please help

Marcin Owsiany <marcin@debian.org>              http://marcin.owsiany.pl/
GnuPG: 1024D/60F41216  FE67 DA2D 0ACA FC5E 3F75  D6F6 3A0D 8AA0 60F4 1216

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