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Re: Bug#108317: Installation fails to recognize floppy

reassign 108317 boot-floppies

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 06:21:56PM +0100, Mark Green wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Mark Green wrote:
> >   Vanilla WITHOUT floppy=thinkpad works successfully, though!
>   Oops, I spoke too soon.. it ran through most of the steps, including
> installing the driver floppies, until it hit "Configure PCMCIA support".
> It successfully started cardmgr, but then complained that a file
> 'pcmcia-scheme' was missing.  
>   When I then did "Configure the network", it saw the PCMCIA network
> board, but after I configured it, it showed the 'pcmcia-scheme' error
> again and stopped the network interface.  Repeating "Configure PCMCIA
> support" restarted the network interface, and it seemed to be configured
> properly also, as it successfully downloaded the base2_2.tgz file from
> debian.org.  However, it then reported that 'there was an error installing
> the base system'.  It was also running extremely slowly by this point -
> there was a pause of almost 20 minutes of continuous disk access before
> the "Configure Device Driver Modules" menu appeared.
>   I then rebooted and ran the rescue floppy with 'linux verbose debug'.
> However, this time things were different: "Configure Device Driver
> Modules" came and went almost instantly.  However, "Install the Base
> System" could no longer see the network, so I went back to "Configure the
> Network", which could no longer see the PCMCIA card, so I went back to
> "Configure PCMCIA Support" - which gave the error: "/sbin/cardmgr: not
> found"! (Even though the rescue disk was the same as the previous run on
> which the cardmgr had been successfully started)
>   Is the rescue disk changed during installation (which could have removed
> cardmgr?)  Or is VFS misreading it perhaps?

OK.  Unfortunately I'll have to hand you back to the debian-boot maintainers
since this is our in their dominion.
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