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Problem with Debian installation

I'm a network and system engineer and I have to install debian on a computer
that have an array scsi Adaptec 2100s that is not supported by the debian 
installation CDs. 

I asked the driver code to the Adaptec, they sent me the code and I compile
a new kernel. I booted the computer from a boot floppy with the new kernel 
and the driver worked, but I need a faster installation procedure because
I've a lot of machine to prepare that have the same hardware.

I thought to prepare a new installation CD with the new kernel. So I downloaded
the last debian installation CD image (rev 3) from the site and I substituted the kernel
in the rescue.bin images included in the image downloaded. 
To change the kernel I have copied the data on the iso9660 image on another
file system, I mounted the /boot/rescue.bin on a directory, I substituted the kernel
(replacing the file linux) and then I executed syslinux on the rescue.bin modified. 
Afterwhose I executed the same operation on the others rescue.bin.
(maybe at this step I've also to execute rdev on the rescue.bin???)
To recreate the iso9660 image from the data modified I used  the following command:
mkisofs -a -A "Installation CD" -b boot/rescue.bin -d -J -L -N -o /tmp/binary-1.iso /tmp/newcdrom/cdrom/

Finally using the image I burned a CD and I inserted in the machine. The machine find the root.bin, and
load it, then load the kernel, but a certain moment, before starting the installation menu,  the booting
stops and appear the message:   
"kernel panic unable to mount 01:00".
Anyone can tell me if this is the correct procedure or if there is a simpler method to install
Debian on a machine that has hardware not supported by the installation CD?
Thanks in advance to everyone that will answer my question..
Gabriele Reggiani
 Gabriele Reggiani - IP Network Engineer         
 Cable and Wireless Italy 			    	  
 Via Paolo Nanni Costa, 30 40133 Bologna  Italy 
 Tel. +39+51+6583011  Fax. +39+51+6583097      
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