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boot-floppies_3.0.9_i386.changes INSTALLED

bf-doc_3.0.9_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-misc_3.0.9_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-archive-install_3.0.9_i386.sh byhand
bf-images-1.44_3.0.9_i386.tar.gz byhand
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/boot-floppies_3.0.9_all.deb
bf-common_3.0.9_i386.tar.gz byhand
bf-images-1.20_3.0.9_i386.tar.gz byhand
  to pool/main/b/boot-floppies/install-doc_3.0.9_i386.deb
Changes: boot-floppies (3.0.9) unstable; urgency=low
  * Falk Hueffner
    - New library reducing script mklibs.py, using different algorithm
      that is likelier not to add unneeded symbols. Activated by default
      for Alpha, since mklibs.sh doesn't make them small enough;
      we may move all arches to this in next release
    - Don't copy sys_map and kernel config to rescue floppy on Alpha since
      aboot doesn't fit otherwise.
  * David Kimdon
    - no free adverstising for commercial companies
      closes: #105492
    - Update Danish dbootstrap messages thanks to
      Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk>
  * Richard Hirst
    - fix md5sum.txt contents for hppa
    - doc updates for ia64 and hppa
    - move elilo in to /usr/sbin
    - call ia64 kernel linux rather than vmlinux to match other archs
    - ia64 and hppa now use 2.4.7 kernel
  * John H. Robinson, IV
    - Fixed the serial console not 9600 problem
    - Added ReiserFS support
  * Martin Schulze
    - fix nfsroot detection problem for mips
  * Matt Kraai
    - check host name for RFC 1123 compliance
  * Phil Blundell
    - ARM is now using kernel 2.4.5
  * Christian T. Steigies
    - m68k: add more Mac (not map...) keymaps to keymaps.gz.
      I waited one week for a Mac user to test it. Nobody dared...
  * Henning Heinold
    - mips fixing libfdisk for mips (patch from Guido Guenther)
    - mips adding dvhtool (patch from Guido Guenther)
  * Stefan Gybas
    - Initial S/390 support (not working yet)
  * Adam Di Carlo:
    - help the library reduction be better, we hope, by reducing libnewt
      first, then libslang
    - build-depend on aboot for alpha
      closes: #107622
    - build-depend on syslinux for i386
      closes: #107517
    - sparc/sun4u uses kernel-image-2.4.7-sun4u (not 2.4.4)
    - root filesystem: provide /var/dhcp, hopefully this will help when
      dhclient fails
      closes: #107381
  * Guido Guenther
    - dbootstrap: changes for dvhtool support and other MIPS porting
      issues; ip22 should boot now
    - mips now buildable (we hope!)
  * Karsten Merker
    - more mips and mipsel support
  * new busybox/wget fixes the segfault problems installing base
    closes: #107532, #107154
  * new ash should fix some problems configuring modules
    closes: #106693, #107377

Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

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