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RE: pcmcia in boot-floppies

I completed an install on the Dell Dimension last night.  I went through a
complete 'Testing' installation via a network install after the 6 boot
floppies.  This was successful where the 3.0.8 was not.  Previously I had
also tried an install using the 2.2.20 boot floppies and this would fail
also, but in a different place.  The onboard Ethernet controller is a 3Com
3c920 which can be used with the 3c905 driver, but it needs to be a recent
driver.  The 3c59x works, but again only if it is a newer version.

The 3.0.8 install would fail for me when trying to 'Configure Modules', this
function was empty and would just return with doing anything.  However,
3.0.9 did work.

The Dell Dimension is a P4 running at 1.5GHz with 256MB RAM, a 20GB IDE
drive, a CDROM drive, and a CD-RW drive.  I had not installed any 'X' yet,
but will do this later.  Was able to get through the base install and
configuration, which included the 'tasksel/dselect' stage and the download
and configuration.

When doing a brief look around for the PCMCIA stuff yesterday, when the
Laptop installation failed, I did not find any pcmcia directory anywhere in
/lib or /target/lib (they are the same), but didn't really search elsewhere.
When I see a new build of the boot floppies I will try again.  (I am not
currently on the debian-boot list to see messages there, so if someone wants
me to try something before it is posted to the people.debian.org site you
can send me an email directly)


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To: Craig Coles
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Subject: pcmcia in boot-floppies

Craig Coles <Craig.Coles@exodus.net> writes:

> When trying to 'Configure PCMCIA Support', selecting 'PCMCIA controller',
> using the i82365L or compatible selection results in a 'PCMCIA Error'.  No
> options are specifed during the loading.  This procedure works with the
> 2.2.20 boot disks.  /var/log/messages reports:
> dbootstrap[138]: No /var/run/cardmgr.pid, cardmgr not needing to be
> dbootstrap[138]: rmmod: module ds is not loaded
> dbootstrap[138]: rmmod: module i82365 is not loaded
> dbootstrap[138]: rmmod: module pcmcia_core is not loaded
> daemon.err insmod: insmod:
> No such file or directory
> //--(pcmcia directory doesn't exist in 2.2.19 directory)

Does it exist anywhere?

This is not good.

> Also, the Dell Dimension is at my home so I will get to that install
> tonight. (I've had troubles with the 3.0.8 disks on this box too)

I'm sure you'll find your results to be the same.

Obviously, fixing PCMCIA is going to be the next thing to do.  If
anyone here on debian-boot can take a whack at it I would appreciate it.

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