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cvs commit to boot-floppies/documentation/en by aph

Repository: boot-floppies/documentation/en
who:        aph
time:       Wed Aug  8 20:24:57 PDT 2001

Log Message:

>From Chris Tillman:

   has steps from dbootstrap Install Op System thru Configure Base

   has steps from dbootstrap Make Bootable thru Log In

dbootstrap.sgml contents were distributed to
   rescue-boot.sgml, partitioning.sgml, and the two new files.

   added the two new chapters and their references.
   deleted the dbootstrap chapter and its reference.

   removed powerpc from new list

   moved footnote definition of NewWorld here from partitioning

   added Intro to dbootstrap thru Last Chance! from dbootstrap.sgml

   this is now just Debian partitioning stuff
   moved in sections from dbootstrap.sgml, Partition a Hard Disk
     thru Mounting Partitions not Supported by dbootstrap
   reorganized to talk about planning first, then partitioning programs,
     then specifics of usage
   added list of FHS directories
   added link to partition examples

administrivia.sgml, hardware.sgml, preparing.sgml,
      inst-methods.sgml, tech-info.sgml
   changed -- in text to —

   removed a few duplicated urls, added link for partition examples


changed:    administrivia.sgml hardware.sgml inst-methods.sgml partitioning.sgml preparing.sgml tech-info.sgml

removed:    dbootstrap.sgml

added:      boot-new.sgml kernel.sgml

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