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no "kernel-image-2.4.7" on i386


while trying to build the current boot-floppies on i386 with kernel
2.4.7 I run into trouble because of not existing package called
kernel-image-2.4.7. There are various versions named like
kernel-image-2.4.7-VARIANT, but the BFs build scripts expect one package
called "kernel-image-2.4.7". (*)
So I suggest to rename the package kernel-image-2.4.7-i386 to
kernel-image-2.4.7 since this is the one without CPU optimisations.

OTOH this may be fixed in BF's scripts, but it make some ugly changes

(*) Thy symptoms are interesting - apt-get which is invoked from
kernel.sh apparently tries some magic and download all packages
kernel-image-2.4.7 in the name. First I was confused, but Adam pointed
me to the real problem.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w -- sequences

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