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Re: Library reduction on Alpha (was: Re: Alpha: aboot rescue disk)

On 8 Aug 2001, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

> A short add on to mklibs.sh.
> As I see it it looks for symbols that are in two files, i.e. ash and
> libm, and includes all matches. It thinks that all symbols that match
> names will be needed in the library.
> Unfortunatly that will keep any and all symbols with all duplicates in
> the library, so instead of using libc's math funktions it keeps libcs
> _and_ libms.

Ah, ok.  So, if I understand this correctly, you want to only keep the
symbols in libc/libm that are needed by the binaries on the boot floppies,
correct?  If so, I may have a scheme to do this, but I would have to see
the scripts first (I'll check them out of CVS probably tomorrow) to make
sure they don't already try that :-)

> mklibs.py on the other hand includes each symbol only once. Theres a
> small hack to prefer libc symbols (althout not realy needed since libm
> seems to be after libc) but otherwise its a first come first use basis.

Ok...this script probably does what I'm thinking about then.  Is this one
working well enough or do you want to shrink it even more?


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