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Re: New bootdisks / first install report / help needed

Helge Kreutzmann <kreutzm@itp.uni-hannover.de> writes:

> I can try them on a ruffian which is currently out of production due to
> some technical difficulties and on my LX, maybe on an XP1000. Regarding
> my LX I cannot complete the installation due to missing network (i.e.
> only modem).
> How is a milo based system supposed to be booted ? I see special disk for
> nautilus and jensen but no for milo based systems. 

I'd have to leave that to an Alpha porter to answer.  I'm afraid the
documentation probably won't be much help.

> Secondly is this the right list to post the problems/results ? I am not
> much of a C programmer so I can only limit myself to bug reports though. 

Yes, this is the right please.  Intelligent bug reports are very

> I once confirmed Jays hacked milo for our Ruffian. Is this (intended to
> be) included ?

Again, not clueful.  You could try to read through bootconfig.c from
the source to see.

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