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Bug#107377: boot-floppies: configure device driver

>On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 07:16:01PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote: 
>> tags 107377 + moreinfo 
>> thanks 
>> You need to look in the logs and tell us what it says there.
> /var/log/messages has nothing unusual (shortened): 
> kernel and modules was installed successfully 
> moving away /lib/modules to /lib/modules.old 
> making /lib/modules a link to /target/lib/modules 
> but it still does not show the menue to configure device driver modules. 
> i didn't find any other log files 
> as i go on: 
> modprobe rtl8139 
> mkdir /var/dhcp 
> /sbin/dhclient2.2.x
> back to dbootstrap 
> install base system -> network -> http.at.debian.org.... 
> => debootstrap exited abnormally 
> /var/log/messages reads: 
> (none) users.err dbootsrap[138]: debootstrap exited abnormally 
> nothing more :-( 
> i repeated the whole procedure 5 times 

I can corroborate this with a little more information.

Installing with a full diskette set works fine.  rescue, root, then the 4
drivers disks does a working install, nice and clean.

Using the *same* rescue and root disks, but pulling the drivers from
drivers.tgz from 3.0.8/current will fail when trying to configure driver
modules.  It drops you right at the Configure Hostname step, claiming that
there were no network devices available.

Manually doing a :

	modprobe 3c59x

loads the module cleanly (rather, no error msgs).  Configure Hostname and
Configure Network both work fine, and an address is bound via dhcp cleanly.

Installing the Base System from network produces the "debootstrap exited
abnormally" error dialog box, with a couple of log entries :

alt-f3 shows 

	Aug 3 18:03 (none) user.err dbootstrap[138]: debootstrap exited

alt-f4 shows

	Segmentation fault
	Segmentation fault
	/usr/sbin/deboostrap: 25971: Bad file descriptor

Progress is impossible at this point - you can never download anything.

Something about the drivers.tgz seems to have something to do with this.
Same rescue and root disks, driver diskettes work fine, drivers.tgz fails.

Dean Carpenter
Principal Architect
Purdue Pharma
94TT :)

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