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problem with common_posttasks

this is bad

  # standard post stuff
  # this script is self-destructing
  echo "find . -type d -exec chmod 775 \{\} \;" >> $release/$bfinstall
  echo "find . -type f -exec chmod 664 \{\} \;" >> $release/$bfinstall
  echo "rm -f $bfinstall" >> $release/$bfinstall

I want two AmigaOS files to be executable in the archive. I added a chmod +x
to the bf-archive-install.sh in do_arch_m68k(), but since
do_common_posttasks() is called after that, the bits get lost again. Should
I add it in do_common_posttasks or does somebody have a better idea?
Maybe do_m68k_post_posttask?
Or is it forbidden to have executable files in the archive? Its pretty
annoying when you have to set that bit under the native OS (and even more
annoying that tar does not handle the bits correctly either...)


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