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Bug#107154: boot-floppies: debootstrap on sid exits abnormally

On Tue, Jul 31, 2001 at 12:54:54AM +0100, Shriram Shrikumar wrote:
> Package: boot-floppies
> Version: N/A
> Severity: important
> got the latest testing disks-i386 pakcage to intall sid / testing over the internet and the network was set up and kernel packages installed (from local hard drive).
> When trying to install the base system, it would ask for the location to download from, and then show an error saying debootstrap exited abnormally and come back to the main menu. There was not more information on the tty3.
> Attempted to run debootstrap manually, copying the commandline from tty3, failed mentioning  along the lines about architecture not detected and other times about 3:  invalid file descriptor.

you can't run debootstrap on the command line with the --boot-floppies
switch, that only works when its run from dbootstrap.  you also must
specify `--arch whatever' (powerpc, sparc, m68k, i386 ...) dbootstrap
should have done this (you can tell by looking at the log on tty3).

Ethan Benson

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